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Once upon a time,
in a town called Hamelin,
uninvited guests appeared
and took the people’s bread

A plague it was soon called
in the town of Hamelin
Then a wondrous man claimed
he could release them
and they said:

“Help us, our town
is suffering, behold!
Your reward will be
a bag full of gold!”

He listened and saw
the fear in their eyes
and his pipe sang:

“Come follow me
Into the river I’ll lead ye
My melody
will soon free Hamelin of
all ye rats, oh

Come follow me”

Out of every corner
they came in Hamelin
One after another
the flood took them away



“Away, you rat-catcher
No penny we’ll give to you!”

“You’ll regret that you
broke your word …

Come follow me
Into the mountain I’ll lead ye
My melody
Will soon free Hamelin of
all ye children

Come follow me
My song will guide you
into the darkness
Come follow me
into the dark”