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Shahry?r, the great king, had a wife who served not him Oh, unfaithful was her mind The Persian king had been betrayed and his heart, it fell apart into a thousand pieces forevermore Prechorus: “From now on bring me a bride for one day and one night and when the sun begins to…

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Once upon a time, in a town called Hamelin, uninvited guests appeared and took the people’s bread A plague it was soon called in the town of Hamelin Then a wondrous man claimed he could release them and they said: Prechorus: “Help us, our town is suffering, behold! Your reward will be a…

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Lullaby For The Undead

In a kingdom far away when I was born, a feast was made The wicked fairy cast a spell on me, they had to protect me well Cautiously through the world I went But still, the spindle stung my hand Now, roses and hedges of thorns separate the world of the living from the…

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Mirror On The Wall

Be blessed, dear huntsman You know me well The king chose me and I became his new queen In my new kingdom, peasants and noblemen know of my beauty that no one ever will reach Prechorus: Yet there’s someone that tries to outdo me Chorus: Her hair as dark as ebony, her…

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Shadows Of Our Yesterdays

Prologue: What will you do if no one hears your screams? What will you do if you don’t wake up from this dream? The spruces stand in silence The oaks don’t say a word knowing the answer that you’ll have never heard “It’s so dark I feel cold Oh, my brother, why can’t…

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