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Rising Of The Sun

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel”

Invisible bars
cold as ice
lock me inside this tower
The evil witch
keeps me imprisoned
Her power
is strong enough to keep
my parents away
Won’t there be anyone to
save me one day?

Invincible bars
made of height
Can’t escape from this tower
The evil witch
won’t let me go
and I doubt that
there’s anyone who will
release me
and so I dwell here
I will never be free

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel”

Hush – who is there?
I will let down my hair!
You heard my prayer
Hold on to my long hair!

Release me from this nightmare
Take me home
Relieve this never-ending pain
that’s driving me insane

Show yourself to me
Come and set me free
Melt these ice-cold bars
Defrost my heart

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel”

Hush – who is there …

(Ah, the wind deceived me)
My waiting was in vain

I stroke my hair for the last time
Onto a wooden stool I climb
Attach it to a silver hook
Out of the tower: one last look

With my own hair, I form a loop
so tight it holds me when I droop
I put my head into the noose
Away the stool, now I hang loose

The ceiling couldn’t bear
my grief and my hair
Now warm beams of sunlight
mildly glance through the night

A new day awakens for me
and unveils
someone can melt the frost away
and set me free

At the horizon
the rising of the sun
Warm beams of sunlight
banish darkness and night

The witch has poisoned my soul
but I break free (finally)
Someone can melt the frost away
I am the key

(Do not leave an empty place
There’s still so much you haven’t seen
On this world you’ll leave your trace
You’re guided by a sunbeam)

A new day has come
The rising of the sun