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You Belong To Me

(feat. Danny Meyer & feat. Stimmgewalt)

“You belong to me”

“The jolly sound
of chiming bells
Where has it gone?
Now I’m a bird
trapped in your cage
What have I done?
And you say:”

“I’m your prince –
you better be my princess
Lie beside me
Give me your sweet kiss
Don’t play coy, you want it too!”
“I suffocate because of you”

“My little bird,
your eyes reveal
you’d fly away from me
but I always get
the things I want
That’s what you
fail to see, my dear”
“And you say:”

“I’m your prince …

“But still, a glimmer
of hope remains”
“Finally, one day,
we will be okay …”
“… if you just obey me”
“… if I try hard enough for you …”
“You can’t escape …”
“… and in the end, you’ll see …”
“… we will live in harmony”
“… you belong to me”

“All that you’ve said,
all that you’ve done –
scars on my mind”
“My dear, you’re mine”
“Yet, I can’t go
What if I’m wrong?
Can’t leave you behind
We’re intertwined”

“I’m your prince …

“But still, a glimmer of hope …

Close your eyes to this disaster
‘They lived happily ever after’

“You belong to me”