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Never-Ending Waltz

Cold blowing wind
in the moonlight
It’s twelve after midnight
and I’m here alone

We were dancing a waltz
in the ballroom
I wish that the time
had never gone by

You left, but I’ll find you
Trust me, my love is true
You are the one that I’ve
always been dreaming of

Everywhere I will go
and I know
The glass slipper will lead
me to you

Cold blowing wind
Snow is falling
In vain I am calling
a name I don’t know

We’re still dancing a waltz
in my thoughts
and my head’s in a whirl
Enchanted by you

You left, but I’ll find you …

Hear me sing
I’m longing for you
I can’t wait for the day
when I’ll have found you

And we’ll dance again
in the moonlight and wind
a waltz that never ends

Hear me sing …