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The Court Jester

At court, his words were widely known
to be the wisest of the day
The court jester had always shown
the truth that no one dared to say

A jolly man he was, indeed
Yet, carefully his speech he chose
He entertained the king and queen
but naked truth covered his prose

Examining his environment,
the people and the kingdom’s land,
the mirror image in his hand,
oh, finally, he could understand

Nothing is what it seems
Nothing is what it used to be
through the magnifying glass

Nothing is what it seems
Nothing is what it used to be before
through the magnifying glass
May reason guide you on your path

One day, the cattle in the field
were restless as the day turned dark
The peasants saw a shadow shield
that swallowed up the sun 

“This can’t be but a sign of God
to punish us for what we’ve done …”
The king and queen showed them a nod
The sun in darkness shone

Examining his environment …

Nothing is what it seems …

The court jester,
he joined the crowd
to solve the mystery
His jolly bells,
they rang so softly
just like yesterday

But things had changed,
his words were banned
Now his truth was spurned here
He was not welcome in a land
with a society of fear

Nothing is what it seems …